The best GTA IV has to offer

It’s the game on everybody’s lips, a tour de force of narrative, production and gameplay that scooped an (let’s be honest) unbeatable 10 in our review and is currently breaking more records than a one-armed juggler in a… record shop. By now some of you will have snagged your copies ofGrand Theft Auto IVand blown the game wide open in a quest to hit 100% completion and be granted the fabled key to Liberty City. Others will be taking their good sweet time, soaking in the sights and sounds while indulging in the occasional bout of mass murder.

Some still might not even have played it (what, are you mad?), but after reading this it won’t be long before your appetite for GTA has been so completely whetted it’ll be dripping down your thighs. So welcome, one and all, to our sneaky touristy peek into a city that never sleeps. We’ve taken a misty-eyed look at some of our fave Liberty city stories so far and sprayed them all across these pages. The best vehicles, the most memorable missions, the coolest characters... even some handy tips to set you on your way - it’s all here.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

Sets of wheels

1) Comet

This Porsche-alike may not be the all-out fastest auto in Liberty City, but in terms of sheer maneuverability it’s our ride of choice. Best of all, you actually get a chance to win one during the mission ‘No. 1’.

2) Stallion
This muscle car is possibly the most challenging, fun drive around thanks to some ker-azy oversteer that means you’re constantly trying to correct its errant botty. Perfect for classic Starsky & Hutch moments...

3) Infernus
The growling, glowering Lamborghini take-off not only looks the bee’s knees, but get it on the freeway and rev that throttle to be instantly transported into a world of frame-rate wrecking motion blur.

4) NHG900RR
Move over NRG500. Instead, this behemoth is the Streethawk of Liberty City - capable of top speeds and insane-o stuntage. Dress Niko in leather and prepare to feel like God.

5) Linerunner
It was a toss-up between this and the Speed-style Greyhound bus, but the big rig wins out simply because - once you’ve built up a head of steam - it’s capable of infinitely more destruction. Bwahahaha. Hahaha. Ha.

High-octane missions

1) Three Leaf Clover

This Heat-style bank job mission nets you a whopping $250,000 upon completion, but not before Niko has callously murdered upwards of fifty coppers and cut a bloody swath across three blocks and a subway station.

2) A Dish Best Served Cold
This is GTA IV’s penultimate mission (depending upon which choice Niko makes), a ‘one Serb takes on entire army of goons aboard tanker’ shootout to end them all. Then, just when you think it’s over - boss fight!

3) The Snow Storm
This sees Niko laying siege to a derelict hospital that's crawling with drug dealing goons. That bit’s tough enough, but then a SWAT team and half of Liberty City’s PD rush up, sirens blazing. This’ll test both your shooting and driving skills...

4) No Way on the Subway

With our hero tailing some Hell’s Angels through a warren of tunnels, it’s one of our GTA IV bugbears (bike missions are always a pain in the posterior). A caveat: Niko hit train, go splat!

5) Blow Your Cover
Niko once again renews acquaintances with his old SWAT pals when they storm a tenement block. Fighting your way down eight floors with buckshot whistling past your ear = y-front soiling tension.