The best bosses in Demon’s Souls, according to Bluepoint developers

Demon's Souls PS5
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Demon's Souls is out now on PS5, and developers from Bluepoint Games have selected their favorite bosses from the adventure.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios creative director Gavin Moore penned a post on the PlayStation Blog earlier today, inviting Bluepoint Games personnel to select their favorite bosses. Moore himself opens the selection, choosing the Penetrator as his personal favorite boss from Demon's Souls due to its "deadly, striking attack" and "amazing silver armor."

Next up is Yasutaka Asakura, executive producer at SIE Worldwide Studios. Asakura points to the Old Monk as his favorite boss in the Demon's Souls remake, praising its human-like nature and random variables that make the fight a little different every time.

Marco Thrush, president of Bluepoint Games, selects the intimidating Storm King as his favorite Demon's Souls boss. Highlighting the grandiose nature of the boss itself, Thrush also praises the boss area as an amazing place for farming Souls (something you'll no doubt be relying on at certain points of the game). SIE Head of Indies Shuhei Yoshida also selects the Storm King as his personal favorite boss from the game, saying his jaw was left on the floor when he was first faced with the boss.

Bluepoint Games CTO Peter Dalton says that the Maiden Astraea is in a league of her own, with her final line in particular sticking with him for a long time after the fight was won. Finally, Bluepoint art director Mark Shelton selects the Flamelurker as the most formidable boss in Demon's Souls, testing your skill and preparation in particular.

If you're still forging your way through the Kingdom of Boletaria on PS5, head over to our Demon's Souls boss guide for essential info on how to slay every boss in the game.

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