The Batman director Matt Reeves producing remake of Russian sci-fi horror Sputnik

(Image credit: XYZ Films)

The Batman director Matt Reeves is set to co-produce an English-language adaptation of Russian sci-fi horror Sputnik, per Deadline.

The original movie takes place in '80s Soviet Union during the Cold War and follows a young doctor summoned to a secluded research facility to assess a cosmonaut – a Russian astronaut. Following a space accident, the cosmonaut in question returned to earth with a malevolent organism living inside him and the military wants to study and weaponize the organism, but the doctor only wishes to stop the parasite before it kills its host. 

Russian films rarely get English remakes. However, critics have praised Sputnik for its chilling atmosphere and a monster that would be pictured right next to the term "nightmare fuel". The movie leans into the gory and grotesque, but it pleased horror enthusiasts who like a story that encourages them to think.

Reeves' production company 6th and Idaho, along with Village Roadshow Pictures, and XYZ Films will join forces for the new movie, with Village Roadshow Pictures executive vice president of feature film Jillian Apfelbaum discussing the studio’s eagerness to get the remake development up and running. 

“We believe Sputnik will translate well to English-speaking audiences and continue to captivate moviegoers worldwide with its thrilling story," she told Deadline. "We are eager to begin production and believe we have some of the best partners in the industry to reimagine Egor’s original vision while staying true to the film’s journey.”

The Sputnik remake seems like it’s in capable hands, especially with Reeves on board as co-producer. Reeves has also been a producer and/or director behind bone-chilling films like Let Me In and 10 Cloverfield Lane, both of which have the same energy as Sputnik. Reeves’ production company should have no problem capturing the original’s eerie atmosphere and chill-inducing parasitic relationship.

The original is currently available to stream on Hulu, along with a few of our picks for the best horror movies.  

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