The badasses of Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai
See that badass right there? The one with the bent cigarette, hoop bracelets and don’t-give-a-shit sandals? That right there is Afro (check the hair), who is the second most powerful warrior in the land. Second, you ask? As legend goes, Afro’s father was Number One until some asshole killed him, making said asshole the new Number One. With vengeance on his mind, Afro cut through jerks until he became Number Two. And if there’s one thing Afro don’t do, that’s grant respite for the wicked. Watch your ass, Number One. Tidbit: In the series, Afro’s voiced by Samuel “Paycheck” Jackson.


No, not the awesome DJ, but some punk-ass who killed Afro’s pops to become Number One and subsequently, a god. This demonic dick needs two six-shooters to get the job done. Notice how Afro only needs one weapon. Killer hat though.

Ninja Ninja
The second-fiddle cool enough to have two names, Ninja Ninja’s always looking for a handout, a break, hell, he might even want to borrow a feeling. But beyond those Max Headroom shades (we went there), lies a trash-talkin’ hype man not unlike a 19th century Don King. Only in America… or Japan.

Sword Master
This old guy took Afro in after his pops was killed. Rather than giving him a cool name, he’s referred to by his profession - something that should keep the stoner demographic from getting confused. Anyway, like many father figures, SM tries to keep Afro from exacting revenge. Didn’t work. Should’ve used reverse psychology, SM.

This Goody-Two Shoes thinks of Afro like a brother since they trained together in school. But they’re really not brothers… for obvious reasons (Jinno doesn’t sport a 'fro). Being the standup guy that he is, Jinno covers for Afro’s pursuit of Number Two in their younger years. So, really, Jinno’s not all that bad. He’ll watch your back if you wanna murder someone.