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The Avengers, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Moon Knight explore Murderworld

Murderworld: Avengers #1 cover art
Murderworld: Avengers #1 cover art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The Avengers may have fought a Civil War and came out the other side still friends and teammates, but the outcome might have different if the conflict took place somewhere they had no control – like Murderworld.

In November, Marvel Comics will launch Murderworld: Avengers, a five-issue limited series written by Jim Zub and Ray Fawkes, and illustrated by Jethro Morales. Readers will see the darkest parts of Murderworld and its ruler, the maniacal Arcade, in stories starring Spider-Man, Wolverine, and Moon Knight.

Murderworld: Avengers #1 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)
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And the whole thing will be tied together by a young documentarian named Paul Pastor, who's determined to expose Murderworld for what it is: a slaughterhouse for countless victims who are forced to participate in a secret tournament run by Arcade. Black Widow has a personal grudge to settle with the Murderworld mastermind… and he could outplay her still.

"When I first saw Murderworld in an issue of Uncanny X-Men, I was fascinated by its colorful corniness mixed with deception and violence,” Zub says in the announcement. 

“Many years ago, Ray and I chatted about a twisted thriller-survival story set in Arcade's deadly playground and now, starting with Murderworld: Avengers, we're finally getting the chance to unleash it!"

Fawkes adds, "Murderworld is one of those stealthy, ultra-compelling concepts that always made the Marvel Universe so fascinating to me – the gaudy, family-fun veneer slapped over a deadly threat. When Jim and I were discussing it, ideas to make it more and more frightening and exciting just kept coming to us. I’m thrilled to bring them to readers in all their horrible glory!” 

Murderworld: Avengers #1 will be available in November. Stay tuned for Marvel's full November solicitations, coming later this month at Newsarama.

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