The Avengers review

The one ‘blockbuster’ conspicuous by its absence this month (Warner Bros claims no print exists in the UK), The Avengers opens here and in the US on 14 August. Suffice to say, we’ve not been able to see anything of the movie at the time of going to press, so bar its big production values, we don’t really know what it’s like.

What you can expect is Fiennes to play pin-striped secret agent John Steed who, accompanied by a vampish Emma Peel (Thurman), has to track down and stop evil weather-controlling bad guy Sir August De Wynter (Connery). You can also anticipate the usual clutch of blockbuster-style quips and one-liners, plus a ton of outrageous, but spectacularly shot action sequences.

As for whether it’s going to be any good... “People should understand that director Jeremiah Chechik’s other credits include National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation,” says a test-screening spy on website Dark Horizons. “I don’t think he’s too experienced with big-budget pictures, so when you see how bad this movie is, don’t blame him.” Another review, posted on Harry Knowles’ Ain’t It Cool News claimed: “I thought The Avengers as a whole was excellent. Most people thought it sucked though. I guess most of the public isn’t ready for ’60s camp to come back.” Good? Bad? Distinctly average? For once we can’t help you. You’re on your own...

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