The Arcade lives on at California Extreme 2011

Above: And others were never even released to the public, like this Beavis and Butthead arcade game

Above: Same with The Act. The only way you can play this analog, animated oddity is at places like CAX

Above: And looky there, someone made something new into something old: Mortal Kombat 2011 retrofit for arcades!

Above: I believe this is gaming's first example of an (illegal) movie license

Above: There was actually a Pinball tournament going on outside the main hall, attended by players more serious that Harry Callahan himself.

Above: Love this one. And man, did these guys really hate getting their picture taken

Above: Wait, what?! Is someone still making pinball machines?

Above: Ahhh, now this brings us back. Konami's The Simpsons, which was given away as a prize

Above: Could this be Capcom's most obscure game?

Above: Nope! They also made a game based of Willow -who knew?!

Above: That's right, kids! Some games game equipped with entire cockpits

Above: On the left, Toobin. On the right, the less-than-sensitively titled Arabian

Above: SHIT YEAH! The Tron machine was still glowing a beautiful blue!

Above: More Star Trek? This is getting illogical...

Above: I actually witnessed several people politely fighting for ownership of this Mappy Land cabinet

Above: Pinball machines representing the two most important things in my life before puberty ruined me

Above: I'm a HUGE Joust fan, and I've never seen this in my life. SPOILER: It sucks!

Above: Moon Patrol: Probably the greatest game ever made

Jul 12, 2011