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The Acer Predator After Party was a huge hit at PAX East 2018

One of the things that PAX East attendees look forward to most is the event's massive parties. This year, Acer Predator put on the biggest after party yet which took place blocks away from the convention center at the Royale Nightclub in Boston. Guests, press, and VIPs were able to grab a drink, enjoy some music, and play games all night on the latest Acer Predator hardware.

Those on the PAX East show floor had a chance to meet with cosplayer Stella Chuu, who was outfitted in her own custom-built ACER Predator costume, which she build on her livestream the week prior. Stella and her entourage toured the show floor, handing out invites to the night's after party, took pictures with attendees, and gave away Predator-branded swag. At the end of the day, one lucky winner was awarded a Nitro 5 laptop for following #PredatorPAX on Twitter, finding Stella in a not-so-secret hiding spot which she announced via tweet, and telling her the giveaway's special code word.

At night, the party kicked off with drinks, music, and games. Guests got their hands on the massive Predator Orion 9000 desktop, and the powerful, curved-screen Predator 21X notebook. The host and shoutcaster, Mooshu, gave away Acer gaming prizes throughout the night to partiers who tweeted at #PredatorPAX. The winners recieved significant gaming setup upgrades which included the Nitro 5, Helios 300, and Triton 700 gaming laptops. 

Two DJ performances played throughout the night, filling the dance floor and energizing guests. The headliner, DJ Arty, took to the stage with a memorable 2-hour performance that closed out the night.  

A big thank you to all who came out to the Acer Predator After Party! We'll see you at next year's PAX East!