The 28 best games still to come in 2008

15. The Last Remnant - Xbox 360, PS3, 20th Nov Worldwide

Why is this one exciting? Well for a start, it's a brand new, home console IP from Square Enix. Secondly, it takes RPG combat to an epic level, making use of huge battlefields to allow fights on the scale of all-out war. It's also SE's first concerted effort to cater for both the Japanese and western markets simultaneously, and it'll be really cool to see how that cultural mash-up plays out. We've got high hopes for this being very interesting indeed when it's released.

16. Left 4 Dead - PC, Xbox 360, 19th Nov Steam, 19th Nov US, 21st Nov EU

Valve. Zombies. Online FPS co-op. Lots of zombies. An intelligent AI 'director' which changes the flow of the game depending on your own actions. Make no mistake about it, this is going to be a savagely good time. All of those hypothetical zombie massacre escape plans you've made - and you know you've thought about that stuff - will soon be a reality.

LittleBigPlanet - PS3, 21st Oct US, 22nd Oct EU

Leave your reservations at the door. LittleBigPlanet really is that good. It's fun, whimsical, intelligent and a powerful design tool, all at the same time, and it's been crafted with enough love and attention to detail to make its ambience utterly infectious. It's a great big, warm smile of a disc, and we're already utterly in love with it.

18. Mirror's Edge - Xbox 360, PC, PS3, 11th Nov US, 14th Nov EU

Ever wanted to know what it's like to be the Prince of Persia? It's an obvious comparison to make, but it's obvious for a very good reason. EA's blindingly fresh parkour FPS is the POP experience gone first-person, and it's every bit as thrilling as that description makes it sound. The initial learning curve is steep, but get past it and the simple but comprehensive control system will see you deftly flying around the environments like a natural born ninja. Good times. Very good times.

19. Mushroom Men - Wii/DS, Nov 11th/Oct 14th US, TBA EU

Who says the platformer is dead? And who says there's no creativity on the Wii? To whomever might say either of those things, Mushroom Men retorts with a nonchalant but authoritative "Pah!" Playing out at the level of the floorboards, the game is packed with detailed and inventive design, everywhere from it's skewed characters and off-kilter, dynamic soundtrack to its immensely explorable, adventure-playground environmental puzzles. There's a strong Earthworm Jim vibe about this one, and what other game lets you drop a spinning fan on top of an evil bunny rabbit? And the DS version holds all the same twisted wonders, but does them in glorious 2D. We want both now!

N+ - DS/PSP, 28th Nov EU

If you haven't played the Flash original, do so here right now. N is a fearsomely addictive, tightly-designed slice of genius, combining simple, clean, stylised graphics with fast, physics-based platforming and an infernal but totally fair level of challenge. It's an utter gem of a game on any format, and it's a perfect fit for handheld gaming. Put this on your list.

21. Quantum Of Solace - 360, PC, PS3, Wii, PS2, DS, 4th Nov US, 31st Oct EU

A movie-licensed game? Great heavens, what are we thinking? Well what we're thinking is that Treyarch's new Bond game could turn out to be a blinder. Gun fights, stealth kills, cover shooting and that bit from Casino Royale where he runs along the crane. All the important stuff is in there, and QoS is no slouch in the technical department either. Using an upgraded version of the Call of Duty 4 engine and featuring dynamic, reactive enemy AI, this could be the best Bond FPS since Goldeneye. Between this and COD: World At War, Treyarch really looks to be bursting through with the quality this year.