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The 22 Stupidest Movie Moments

The Anti-Alien Virus

What Happens: Jeff Goldblum’s suspiciously handsome tech geek and Will Smith’s shouty jet pilot fly a commandeered alien shuttle into the heart of the mothership, where they drop off a nuclear bomb and upload a lethal computer virus using an Apple Powerbook.

Why It's Stupid: Let’s forget that Smith learned to fly the ship in minutes, and that the mothership computer has a handily vacant USB slot, and instead concentrate on the fact that an alien intelligence with no previous contact with humans is, you know, unlikely, to run Mac OS-compatible software.

Virtual Reality Security Hack

What Happens: During a moment of raptor-related anxiety, the panicky granddaughter of dinoland Big Daddy John Hammond navigates the state of the art park’s security system single-handedly... using a ludicrously dated virtual reality interface.

Why It's Stupid: Because she’s, like, 12, and she’s using a ludicrously dated virtual reality interface that was ludicrously dated now and was well on the way to being ludicrously dated at the time the normally forward-looking Steven Spielberg filmed the scene. Pre-Adolescent Unlikely Technology Manipulation Fail.