The 20 greatest Death Star moments in Star Wars cinema

6. "That's no moon"

Our heroes’ first glimpse of the Death Star in A New Hope, as the Millennium Falcon emerges from hyperspace to find Alderaan a pile of rubble and a “small moon” looking very guilty. Ben Kenobi delivers the ominous news: it’s a space station. Bugger.

7. Vader choking Motti

You might not know his name, but Conan Antonio Motti (Richard LeParmentier) is one of the most important people in the Star Wars franchise. Not only does he inspire Vader’s first demonstration of Force power in A New Hope, he’s the recipient of one of the most quoted lines: “I find your lack of faith disturbing.” Life lesson – never insult someone’s religion during a Death Star debate.

8.   Getting trashed

“What an incredible smell you’ve discovered,” chides Han to Princess Leia in A New Hope, as they take in their new surroundings in the Death Star’s trash compactor after narrowly escaping stormtrooper fire. An offensive pong is the least of their worries, as Luke is pulled underwater by a one-eyed dianoga looking for lunch.

Then, with groaning sounds echoing around the chamber, comes the killer moment: the walls start closing in. Even in crisis, Han can’t resist a gag: “One thing’s for sure, we’re all gonna be a lot thinner.”

9. "You Rebel scum!"

In Return of the Jedi, Han sneaks into the Death Star II shield generator via the back door after tapping a scout trooper on the shoulder and leading him into a trap. What Solo doesn’t know is that he himself is walking into an Imperial ambush.

10. "It's a trap!"

During the Rebels’ DSII assault in Jedi, Admiral Ackbar barks this brief warning after spotting the Empire has the upper hand. In just three screen-time seconds, Ackbar instantly became meme-canonised, travelling from playground catchphrase to internet immortality.

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