That was the week that was PS3

PS3 Launch weekend| March 2007

In the past week leading up to Friday's launch we've been covering every aspect of the PS3 from the way its new menu system works to the PlayStation Store and full reviews and trailers of all the key launch titles. In case you missed out - all our coverage is below.

Day one

  • Your crucial info splurge on the facts and figures of the PS3here
  • Not been in close contact with a PS3 yet? Then read our hands-on guide here
  • The complete history of PS3 from announcement to launch here

Day two

  • PSPs, iPods, cameras and phones - what you can plug into your PS3 here
  • We answer all your questions about high-definition gaming here
  • What Sony's next-gen Blu-ray disc format can do for games here

Day three

  • PS3 has a new motion-sensing joypad - but what's it actaully like? Find out here and in our exclsuive video demo
  • Exploring the Cross Media Bar (XMB)- PS3's crisp new menu system showcased here. Plus video demo

Day four

  • Spending some virtual cash in the PlayStation Store here
  • Our guide to some of the most enticing PS3 games out in the coming months here

Day five