That petition to remove The Last Jedi from Star Wars canon? It’s not what you think

Not everyone likes Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The film upends a lot of long-held lore and presumptions about the nature of the Force, the Jedi, good vs evil, and the nature of heroism in a galaxy far, far away. One fan was so upset that after viewing, he created a petition to have the movie stricken from official canon and called on Disney to push back Episode 9 and remake The Last Jedi.

"Episode VIII was a travesty," reads Henry Walsh’s complaint. "It completely destroyed the legacy of Luke Skywalker and the Jedi. It destroyed the very reasons most of us, as fans, liked Star Wars. This can be fixed. Just as you wiped out 30 years of stories, we ask you to wipe out one more, the Last Jedi. Remove it from canon, push back Episode IX and re-make Episode VIII properly to redeem Luke Skywalker's legacy, integrity, and character."

The petition has, as of this writing, accrued nearly 12,000 signatures. But that’s not where this story ends. In an update posted to the petition, Walsh gives a bit more background on why he was so upset and calls on his fellow fans to turn this clearly evident passion into something positive.

Walsh claims to have been in a car accident some time back, and currently on pain medication. Because of this, sitting still for The Last Jedi’s 2.5-hour runtime made him irritable and uncomfortable. Though he maintains that he was disappointed by the film, he claims he didn't think the petition would go anywhere and it was created to blow off steam. Seeing the petition gain traction has given him a new perspective.

"I couldn't get the help on GoFundMe [Link added by me, not Walsh] to help pay for my surgery, and yet this gets this kind of attention? To the point that this petition has been in multiple news publications at this point? How many other people out there need help and can't get attention? I'm not comfortable with that."

"I love all of the support, but we also know that Disney isn't going to do anything, and with so many people, who have much better causes, who are struggling to gain attention it is a shame that this is getting this level of media attention."

"So please, while we all love Star Wars, I urge every single supporter who signed this, to also take a few minutes to look at other petitions on Change.Org, ones that are important, or look at causes on GoFundMe. Places where we can make a difference that matters."

So did his fellow signees take a step back as Walsh did, realize their anger was likely not going to result in the desired outcome, and use their passion for charity? You know, maybe like a certain Jedi would? Of course not. Instead, commenters said now was not the time or place for charity, insinuated that Walsh was not a true fan, and one person straight-up called him a selfish c***.

Look, people can dislike The Last Jedi. There are plenty of valid reasons for that. They can even start or sign a petition calling on Disney to strike it from canon or remake it. I don't think it'll go down that way but hey, crazier things have happened. But when people start putting others down for suggesting we all be more charitable, it's time to step back and wonder if we're really idolizing and following in our hero Luke Skywalker's footsteps or if we're merely trying to hoard him and keep him for ourselves.

Because I'll tell you one thing: jaded, blue milk-drinking hermit or wise, compassionate Jedi Master, Luke would never call anyone a c***.

Sam Prell

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