That browser game website you secretly played at school is all but dead

Old MiniClip homepage
(Image credit: Reddit (via Party_System))

Miniclip, the website you might've used to secretly play browser games during class in the early 2000s, has shut down most of its games.

The company, which has been "evolving" toward the mobile space and away from desktop-based games, announced back in April (via DelistedGames) that it would be gutting its web portal this Summer. Although it missed that deadline by a few weeks, Miniclip has fulfilled its promise and shuttered the servers for all but two of its browser-based games.

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As of now, the only games you can play on Miniclip are 8 Ball Pool and, the latter being an MMO where you control cells on a petri dish and eat other, smaller cells to get bigger and grow stronger. To be completely transparent, 8 Ball Pool is the game I played the most on Miniclip, so I'm hanging in there, but a nostalgic community of browser game fans are paying sorrowful tributes to a variety of games which are now lost to time.

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 While I'm selfishly thankful that my favorite Miniclip game was one of the lucky two to escape the purge, I'll also mourn the loss of what once was a portal into a near-endless selection of weird and very early-2000s games. Fun fact: Miniclip was also my gateway into Runescape, although that's long-since outgrown the platform.

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