TGS 2011: Nintendo and Capcom stocks slide after 3DS conference

It appears we weren’t the only ones underwhelmed by Nintendo’s pre-Tokyo Game Show 3DS press conference. After revealing only a smattering of updates, release dates, and plans for a Myst Pink edition of its handheld, Nintendo’s stock slipped by 5%.

Even the allure of Monster Hunter, a massive seller all over the world, wasn’t enough to excite investors. In fact, news that Monster Hunter 3 and 4 would be released on the 3DS may have had an adverse effect, sending Capcom’s stocks down 8% following the conference. This is fairly surprising, especially considering that Nintendo apparently developed the awkward attachment to give the 3DS a second circle pad specifically with Monster Hunter in mind.

Things are certainly looking dreary for the 3DS right now, though we’re still holding out hope that Nintendo’s new handheld will succeed. Hopefully, once Monster Hunter actually comes out, the system will find its way into more hands, and despite not announcing one yet, we’re sure there’s going to be a at least a few full-fledged Pokémon games made for the system. Those have to be big enough to save it, right? Right?


Sep 13, 2011


Hollander Cooper

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