Test Drive Unlimited - Hands-on

You can terrorize the island with any of over 125 vehicles, including speedy crotch rockets by Ducati, in addition to the Ferraris, Lotuses and Vipers. Each automobile comes from one of Kauai's many dealerships, where you can trick them out using manufacturer-offered options like blingin' rims and leather interiors.

You'll never be alone in Test Drive Unlimited as the island automatically populates itself with seven rivals nearest to you in skill level. All you have to do is flash your headlights at someone and you're in a race.You can also design your own races using waypoints to create a track out of pre-existing roads.

Our hands-on time with the game met with a few crashes and some nasty stuttering in the action, but there's plenty of time for these burrs to be buffed out. Once this game sees shelves, speed enthusiasts might find it tough to resist the temptation of creating a fully realized car club on their very own fantasy island.