Test Drive roars on to PS2

Test Drive Unlimited, the slickly detailed, aspirational racer where your goal is to own ever-increasing numbers of gleamingly gorgeous sports cars, is heading to PS2 - and here's some rubber-burning footage to show it off. Hit the Movies tab above to see the trailer.

ABOVE: Nope, sorry, your PS2 can't cough up graphics like these. This is from the 360. But you may dream, my friend.

It might lose the next-gen splendor, but the open Hawaii environment is as cruise-worthy as ever. Out early next month, Test Drive Unlimited is enough to please even the most discerning of PS2 racing enthusiasts. Though it'll help if you go to sleep dreaming of swooping wheel-arc lines and plush boot carpeting. Don't we all?

January 16, 2007