TERA - 31 reasons the Popori are the best race in the entire game

There's really only one option

TERA has plenty of different starting races, from the mystical Baraka to the heroic humans, that are all incredibly exciting and fun to play, but only one race really stands out: the Popori. The curious creatures are, by far, the best things in TERA for a number of reasons, and with the game official out in North America we figured it would be a great time to let you know why the popori are the only race worth choosing when you make your character.

Their capital city, Pora Elinu, is wonderfully beautiful

Thanks to their "Botanist" skill, they can gather plants faster than other races

If they move carefully they can sneak by monsters thanks to their "Soothing Presence"

They might be small, but they're fast, and can speed up movement out of combat

Using "Velik's Horn," they can teleport at will to the capital city of Velika.

They're smaller than the other playable races, and that makes them more adorable (and harder to hit maybe or whatever)

They're fierce (and so cuddly) in battle

They make the cutest Berzerkers

They make the cutest Lancers

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