Ten greatest moments in Tomb Raider: Anniversary

10) Beat the gods themselves
St Francis' Folly is a stunning slice of game design, a whole level transformed into one big uber-puzzle by cleverly connecting handfuls of smaller challenges. Featuring death-defying trials themed around Greek legends (Atlas, Damocles, Poseidon and electrical god Hephaestus), besting these is a high wire feat that'll punch your heart a new beat. If not, the hub of the level - a vertiginous shaft demanding nail-biting sequences of daredevil leaps - will.

The ones we didn't pick:

Golden touch
Midas's Palace in Greece opens up with a rectangular room dominated by a big-ass statue of Midas himself. To progress you'll need to turn lead blocks to gold by placing them in the king's hands, but be careful not to get too close or you'll end up as 24-carat Croft.

Half men, half beasts
Greece also offers the toughest boss fight in the game - two centaurs. The mythical man-horses gallop around and fix our heroine with a stoney death-inducing stare unless she can yoink their mirrored shields and turn their magic against them.