Ten greatest moments in Tomb Raider: Anniversary

4) Stylish playground
Once you've collected every relic hidden in the game you'll gain access to Tomb Raider's mysteriously named "Style Units." These are four zones set in a small, circular level, each showcasing one of the game's different areas (Peru, Greece, Egypt and Atlantis). What are they for? Nothing in particular, except to offer the chance to experience each zone in one small area. Odd.

5) Bombing it
The beauty of Anniversary is that it doesn't just mindlessly update the standout moments from the original Raider, it reformulates them, injecting them with a fizzing energy that has you wowing all over again. The waterfall in the Lost World is one of these moments - all tension and worry as you inch precariously up treacherous rocks and across broken bridges, and then flooding release as you leap into the torrenting stream to be swept into the pool below.

6) Every bullet counts
Tomb Raider's decade-old combat system can be excused for its retro-drabness, but today's gun geeks have come to expect something of a higher caliber. Anniversary's solution? The adrenaline shot - a slow-mo, one-hit-kill mode activated with a well-timed dodge. Which is the perfect way to counter the dreariness of the dusty gunplay; turning Lara into the wrong kind of action heroine would have ruined the game's beautifully desolate atmosphere.