Ten greatest moments in Tomb Raider: Anniversary

7) How do I look?
Lara's not just an action heroine; she's also a lady of leisure, as demonstrated by the wardrobe of secret costumes on offer. Once unlocked these are fully playable, so you can guide Lara through the game in any of her various guises. These include a solid gold form inspired by the Midas level, a terrifying skinless doppelganger, as Scorched Natla from the game's final boss fight (no flying though, which is a shame) a fetching wetsuit, and - our favorite - the classic Lara model from back in the day. Mmm... polygons.

8) Going underground
Even among Raider's many ludicrous plot points - the reappearance of dinosaurs several million years after their extinction, the discovery of the entirely fictional Atlantis, Lara's gravity-baiting bust - sweating your way through a series of utterly nails Indiana Jones-style booby traps and finding a massive great Sphinx underground stands alone in the lunacy stakes.

9) The angry Atlantean
Sort of a massive spoiler, this, but then the original game's been out for 10 years so you've had fair warning. The end of the game sees Jacqueline Natla, the businesswoman who hired Lara in the opening sequences, revealed as a malevolent demi-god from ancient Atlantis. Long story short, she sprouts wings and goes all fiery, before Lara leaves her smoldering underneath a collapsed pyramid.