Ten greatest moments in Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Aug 20, 2007

1)Wrecking the T-Rex
During the first few hours of play, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Tomb Raider's bestiary of enemies is nothing other than the stuff of National Geographic - bears, wolves, crocodiles and the like. Push on to The Lost World area though, and Anniversary gets Jurassic on your ass, dropping you into the path of an enraged, prehistoric Goliath with teeth like kitchen knives. And Lara takes it down with just her pistols...

2) Going through the keyhole
After looting ancient tombs and sacred vaults, it's only fair that we get to rifle through Lara's own home turf. Croft Mansion isn't your typical posh residence, however - it's an enigmatic puzzle all of its own, an intricate domestic labyrinth that you'll have to truly work to explore. Rife with secret passageways and nooks, you'll happily spend as much time in the lady's chambers as anywhere her adventures take her.

3) Lara's birthday suit
Ever wanted to see what goes on underneath that taut, pale blue sleeveless top Lara bounds around in? Well, now you can. Sadly, however, the reality is about as sexy as a tramp's shoelace - complete the game to unlock TRA's "Textureless mode" cheat, which strips the game world of all detail - a family-friendly nude patch that leaves everything to the imagination. It looks strangely beautiful, mind.