Telltale Games revives three old games for a redux PC release

Strong Bad
(Image credit: Telltale Games)

You probably know Telltale Games for modern hits like The Walking Dead and Tales from the Borderlands, but the studio has a surprisingly long and varied history, as evidenced by the three classic games it recently unearthed for a surprise PC re-release. 

As the studio announced on Twitter – and by the studio, I mean the new studio bearing the same name and assets but relatively few original members – three old Telltale titles are now available on GOG, Steam, GMG, and RobotCache (a store that allows users to resell digital titles). We've got Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures from 2009, Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People from 2008, and Telltale Texas Hold 'Em from 2005. These go for $15, $15, and $5 respectively. 

Wallace & Gromit's Grand Adventures will probably feel most familiar to modern Telltale fans. It's another adventure-style game set in the claymation world of Wallace & Gromit, and it's held up by its world and writing. Wallace & Gromit is a pretty well-known series, too, so there's something to keep the game grounded.

Things get a little more out there with Strong Bad, which is also a point-and-click adventure game based on the internet time capsule Homestar Runner series. It was made with help from the site's writers, so between that and the art, it's got some pretty loud retro funk going on.

That said, Telltale Texas Hold 'Em is far and away the most bizarre game on the list. It's basically a poker sim with one game type that just so happens to feature four absurd and frankly terrifying characters. One of them, Grandma Shaky, is described as an "eccentric old coot who may be more dangerous than she looks." Another character, Theodore Dudebrough, has a jaw like the Crimson Chin, so we're definitely deep in 2000-era PC weirdness at this point. 

Speaking of Telltale revivals: in case you missed the news, The Wolf Among Us 2 is very much alive. Sam & Max Save the World is also due for a remaster under former Telltale leaders.

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