Tell Me Why collectibles: Where to find all 13 wood carvings

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There are 13 Tell Me Why collectibles in total, spread throughout the three chapters. Each of them relates to a character in the twins’ story of the crafty goblins - starting with the goblins themselves - and can be collected after completing the Chapter by revisiting the specific chapters. Here's how to find all the Tell Me Why collectibles.

Episode 1

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The Crafty Goblins - Long Time No See

This collectible is technically missable, although the game practically hands you it. When the game begins, you’ll be in control of Alyson, and she’ll pick up her goblin when she grabs her keys. Control then switches to Tyler, and the goblin will be in clear view on his desk. Grab it, and the set will be complete; both are needed for this to count.

The Mad Hunter - A Big Wooden House 

When Tyler is under the house, Alyson’s voice will help direct him. The first time this happens, she’ll tell you to go left. This is the correct way to go, but if you head right instead, you’ll hit a dead end pretty quickly; a dead end guarded by a miniature Mad Hunter. 

The Wise Princess - A Big Wooden House 

The Wise Princess can be found much later in the same chapter, this time inside Mary-Ann’s room, which you can enter after discovering Tyler’s diary is missing. You can either force your way inside or solve the riddle of the princess. In any case, the Wise Princess is to the right of Mary-Ann’s bed, having presumably rolled off her bedside table. 

The Pious Pelican - Rashomon 

You’ll find this collectible in the shop, but you’ll have to wait until Tessa arrives to be able to access it. Continue your shopping for candles etc, but when Tessa arrives, before you begin to hunt for memories with Tyler, go straight into her office. Open the cupboard she’s standing by, and the pelican will be yours.

The Ice King - To Serve And Protect 

The final collectible of the Chapter is also by far the most missable. You get it in the police station, but only once you’ve completed everything downstairs - but before reuniting with Eddy. You’ll need to speak to Eddy to get the keys and get some coffee; you can also complete the option reception PC puzzle before getting some coffee. After his cup of Joe, Tyler will ask to see the interrogation room, which will set off more memories. Once you’ve watched the memory play out, look at the filing cabinet behind where Young Alyson had been sitting to find the Ice King nestled away.  

Chapter 2

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The Big Frog - Ahoy Goblins 

It’s fairly easy to miss this one, because while you’re given free roam of the house, interacting with certain objects can progress the story beyond this scene without you really noticing it. To avoid this, make a beeline for the kitchen table; not the one in front of the fridge, but the one with the booth. Look underneath it, and you’ll see Alyson has stuck this collectible to the underside with gum. 

The Stalwart Moose - Cold Case 

You’ll spend a long time in the police station, but you won’t be able to grab the collectible here until you head upstairs. Eddy’s office is probably the smallest section of this scene, so make sure you grab this one as soon as you get upstairs. The moose is tucked away in his drawer, so head behind his desk and open it up. 

The Mangy Muskrat - Plushy Fight 

This collectible is by the back of the storage room, near where the cuddly toys are kept. It’s just sitting out in the open, and can be grabbed whenever you feel like it during this section, although it’s convenient to grab it when Tyler wanders over to the bleach or the cuddly toys later on. 

The Very Old Beaver - Last Rites 

After you have gone through the gate in the graveyard, one of the first graves will be Eddy’s mother, Carol. This also has a memory attached to it. Once you’ve watched the memory, check behind the headstone for a small box; this has the fourth collectible of this chapter inside. 

The Moon Hag - Scorched Earth 

The final collectible can be found in the burning barn once Alyson extinguishes the fire. Tyler will find a loose board, and you’ll need to go to the adjoining tool shed for a crowbar. Before you grab it, look at the cupboards and drawers which have been pulled out; in the bottom right corner, you’ll find the last collectible of the chapter.  

Chapter 3

The Secret Keeper - Like Mother, Like Daughter 

For the first Tell Me Why collectible in Chapter 3, you’ll need a coin. This is the more complex one in Chapter 3. First off, head to Eddy’s room and on a shelf in the far left corner, you’ll find an oddly shaped box. Interacting with it will lead Alyson to suggest looking in the Book of Goblins at the Secret Keeper story.

After reading, you’ll learn that the box is coin-operated, so head to the living room and you’ll find Alyson’s wallet (and her ID), with a few coins nearby. Take one and head back to the box, which can now be opened to reveal the collectible inside.

The Old Bear - Adrift 

Despite there being so much to interact with downstairs in Sam’s scene, the collectible here is actually found upstairs. Once Sam is finished working, you’ll head to his apartment upstairs and he’ll tell you more about Mary-Ann. Before you talk to him, open his desk drawer; it looks like the interaction button is for his desk itself, but it is actually for the drawer. The collectible is inside. 

The Gold Lady - Princess And Tiara 

This one is almost as complicated as the Secret Keeper, but it’s virtually unmissable as the puzzle is necessary to progress the story. After completing the first puzzle in the loft, a safe will open with various letters and trinkets inside, including this collectible. 

Completing the full set of Tell Me Why collectibles

Once you have all 13 collectibles, make sure to place them in their rightful place in the loft, either side of the locked box on the central podium. 

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