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Tekken Tag Tournament 2: What Heihachi looked like in his prime

Heihachi has always been one of my favorite Tekken characters. He’s not just old school; he’s old – and that’s awesome. Heihachi may not be as limber as Lei or Eddy, but the grizzled, white-haired warrior never needed fancy flips or tricks to beat down the more youthful fighters on the Tekken roster.

Above: The latest teaser for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. HAIR ALERT: Watch out for an epic hair shot at 0:23

Now, we’ve got a good look at what Heihachi looked like during his prime via a recent teaser for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. We’re not sure that we like Heihachi’s new look. Just look at his slick, black hair with not a speck of grey – and that mustache! It all looks so wrong!

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is scheduled to invade Japanese arcades this summer, but no details on when the machine may make an appearance at your local arcade have been released. No official plans for a console version of the fighter have been announced either.

Jan 3, 2011