Tekken 7's release date is set for June 2 and check out this new trailer

Tekken 7 will finally come home on June 2, 2017. The latest in the fighting game series that stars robots, bears, and knockoffs of both Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee will arrive on consoles and PC more than two years after it first hit Japanese arcades in March 2015. It was previously slated to arrive in early 2017, so this is a delay by all but the most generous of calendars. June 2 is in the earlier half of 2017, I guess.

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Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada apologized for the delay in an interview with GameSpot. But he said the team agreed it was a good idea after seeing the troubled launches of other recent fighting games. Street Fighter 5? Street Fighter 5.

"We were trying our best to get the game out at that time, to get it into the hands of users as early as possible," Harada said. "We saw some titles - some from our own company and some from others - which didn't have a very good launch because of a lack of content, or whatever it was, that caused players to bash the product".

Hey, if they needed the extra time to get the animation on that sick rose-throwing combo just right, more power to them.

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