Tekken 5 confirmed as PS2 exclusive

Namco's recently released financial earnings statement has revealed a few details on the next instalment of Tekken. Most notably, the console release of Tekken 5 will be a PS2-exclusive and will go on sale in 2005.

The first official did state that the game was coming to consoles, which fuelled speculation that maybe, just maybe, it would make it to Xbox. Unsurprisingly, that isn't the case and, once again, only Sony's console will host Namco's finest pugilists. However, we wouldn't entirely rule out the possibility that the game may also see a conversion to PSP.

As for the coin-op version of the game, we now know that it will hit arcades some time between September and December this year. Expect more game details soon but, for now, drool over the typically spectacular Tekken 5 trailer. If you've only seen the streamed version, do yourself a favour and download this copy - the quality is far superior.

Tekken 5 will arrive in the arcades at the end of the year and on PS2 in 2005