Team Go Rocket leaders are being spotted around London to mark their arrival in Pokemon Go

(Image credit: Niantic)

Niantic is marking the launch of the arrival of Team Go Rocket leaders in Pokemon Go with a promotional event in London.

The fiendish trio have invaded digital ads around the area, with the official Pokemon Go Twitter account teasing their locations with a series of coordinates that point to locations in London. Players were quick to connect the dots and work out where the locations are. 

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Twitter user @cjpokemon3 used the first set of coordinates to find a location on Euston Road in London, showing a DOOH ad with Team Go Rocket leader, Sierra. According to Chris, the new stop dropped a sponsored task.

Several eagled-eyed players who have been working out where the locations of the coordinates have even worked out that spots are in districts that spell out Team Rocket leader Giovanni's name.  

We don't yet know what else these locations might provide for players who venture out to see the posters for themselves, so we'll be keeping our eyes peeled on the Pokemon Go twitter account. 

Pokemon UK also tweeted out a picture citing that it's seen several posters with the team leaders around London, signalling their takeover. Pokemon Go responded warning trainers to be careful if they're in the area. 

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We're really enjoying this way of promoting the arrival of the leaders and the new Special Research event that sees you try to locate the leaders hideout spots and even try to take on the infamous Team Rocket Boss, Giovanni. 

Professor Willow's new research event sees you taking on Team Go Rocket Grunts who may drop Mysterious Components. Once you've collected six components, you'll be able to assemble a Rocket Radar to scan an area and find the leaders hideouts and face the nefarious trio. Once you've taken on all the leaders, you can try to go after Giovanni and gain the chance to catch a Legendary Shadow Pokemon. 

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