Team Fortress 2 progress updates

In the wake of the news of further delay for Half-Life 2: Episode Two - and subsequently Portal and Team Fortress 2 - Valve has released a update on TF2 development saying the game "is really moving along."

"In fact, things have reached a point where people start getting pretty antsy around the office as we get closer and closer to the 6:00 p.m. playtest session," the dev's added. "We will be sharing more information about TF2 over the next couple of months..."

Valve has also released a new TF2 image showing "some of the TF2 characters... that is currently being used for the start-up screen for the game."

Team Fortress 2 is the developer's remake of its superb team- and class-based multiplayer mod Team Fortress Classic.

February 12, 2007