TalkRadar 54 - E3 freakout!

Top 7... crushing letdowns in E3 history– a shameful look back at what is usually the highlight of every gamer’s year

We’ve got 14 Uncharted 2 beta keys– follow the link and you could have one too!

GamesRadar’s E3 2009 Awards– the shortest and therefore best awards list this week

Mario Galaxy 2 causes GamesRadar infighting– is it a lame cash-in or a sign Nintendo’s wising up? Fight!

Activision sues Double Fine– biggest dick move of all time, guys

Question of the Week– What was your favorite moment of E3 2009? Answer in the forums and you could end up in our article.

Above: We have about a billion images from E3, all visible in our photo diary foundhere

Above: sensualCentipede created the Norwegian King of Names in Skate, complete with “Denied!” apparel

Above: eagle13511 predicts Kojima’s next entry in the never-ending Metal Gear saga

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Post date: June 5, 2009
T-Dar 54 length: You tell us!
Quote of the week: “I wish I was dead.”
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