TalkRadar 35 – Wise fwum yuw gwev!

The inauguration of President Barack Obama has made this a historic week in America, but TalkRadar is happy to ignore all that in favor of what really matters: talking about videogames. This week’s podcast is devoted to chatting about games we wish would be announced for US release this year, long-forgotten skateboarding games and Chris’ uncanny ability to mimic voice samples from Genesis/Mega Drive games.

After that, we move on to a frank discussion of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and what it means for the DS as a platform, along with our usual loud, booze-fueled, frequently off-topic appraisal of new releases and weekly game deals.

Explicit Content Within! Persons with delicate ears should definitely not listen, as they will hear edgy no-no words freely spoken on South Park and HBO.

01-23-09 | Length – 2:13:26| Opening song byAnamanaguchi

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Top 7... Games we want announced in 2009 – C’mon, please?

14 skateboarding games forgotten by time – Did we mention Skate 2 shipped this week? Because it’s better than all of these.

The first black videogame character – Finally recognized after 30 years, in honor of America’s first black president.

Above: Mildly surprising (but not really)

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars – Chris thinks it’ll unlock the DS’ potential as a game platform for adults, even though everyone knows the DS is a baby toy for babies. How can this be?!?

Velvet Assassin – The first time we’ve ever applauded a developer for sticking with morphine as a plot device, and hopefully not the last.

Question 19: What’s the biggest videogame lie you’ve told?


Quote of the week: "Aerith's death doesn't have anywhere near the same level of emotional impact now. Oh look, a chick made out of triangles got stabbed... by another chick made out of triangles."

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Above: Chris and PlayStation: The Official Magazine’s Scott Butterworth hang out at a Street Fighter event in San Francisco (not shown: Scott’s car being stolen [and later recovered])

Above: Chris is ready to fight some streets!

Above: The poster makes a compelling case

Above: Best. Door prize. EVER.

Above: Chris is still new to this “headset” thing

Above: Brett lectures some empty beer bottles on the finer points of pen-holding

Above: Charlie uses his obligatory four minutes of silence to catch up on one of GamesRadar’s sister publications

Above: Chris is just SO DELIGHTED to be here

Above: Don’t get the headline? Fine, watch this

Jan 23, 2009

Mikel Reparaz
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