TalkRadar 186 - Super Scrolls Land of Duty 3D HD

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Special Guests: Charlie Barratt, Mike Grimm, Matt Keast

The Content

Hey, so, we heard you guys like long podcasts. Some of you have been like "Yo TalkRadar! Why aren't you three hours long?" and were like "Sorry, TDAR fans, we don't have three hours worth of stuff to talk about this week!" Well good news, we did have three hours worth of stuff to talk about this week, so we talked about it for three hours. We talk about Skyrim and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for a bunch, Super Mario 3D Land a little, and touch on the release of Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Cave Story 3D. Of course we also run through the The Top 7… Games that broadened our musical horizons and nerd out over music.

And those contests? Still rolling. You have until Tuesday to make fun of Antista, and a week to get a gift from our sponsor which can get you this:

Above: Again, not Henry. You get the awesome shirt

In the Community

The question of the week was "What is your craziest GTA V prediction?" and there are a ton of answers on the forum.

Fan art has been bouncin' this week, with a little art for everyone. Except, of course, the show's host Mikel, who feels really left out. He's in tears, but those drops never hit the ground. They get stuck in his beard, which is really heavy right now. With tears.

Above: This joke is so damn old school

Above: We don't expect the "Goodbye Chris" fanart will ever leave, even though he's still here

Above: The Hollander Scrolls is 150 hours long...around

Above: Is it selfish to ask for one of these for each podcast host? TOO BAD

The Deets

Post date: November 4, 2011
T-Dar 186 length: 02:58:43

Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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