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Happy endings? Crappy endings, more like

Timeless. Essential. These are the videogames we cherish, and would still recommend, above all others

MK’s transition to 3D is a wonderfully beautiful mess

QOTW:Got a fond memory of TalkRadar?
Not fishing for compliments here, we’ve just been receiving a deluge of heartbreaking stories from listeners pertaining to life with ovarian cancer and/or drowning in their own diarrhea and it’s starting to bum us out a little. Tell us an uplifting story about our filthy, stupid podcast. Ever see a reference come to life? Have we ever brought up something you thought no one else remembered or inspired you? Let us know in the forums and we may read your response LIVE on TalkRadar 147!

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In the office

Above: Oh, did we mention Lizzie’s band opened for Anamanaguchi this week?!

Above: Didja miss The Glowing Stars first show?! Lucky for you, somebody uploaded Lizzie and Matt’s entire performance. Good shit!

Above: Office Visits: Better like this?

Above: Or better like this?! (Thanks Johnny and Rafael!)

In the community

Artist: batman5273

Artist: graboids

Artist: Poiman

Artist: sternparez

Artist: TDUBBS

Artist: Batman once more

Artist: MrSuitMan

Post date: April 8, 2011
T-Dar146 length: 2:39:55
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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