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Wars don't have to be real to be senseless. Here’s proof

Unambiguously continues the strong tradition of the series

Click herefor many more tales from GDC 2011

What's up Hank's ass?
Total cop out question this week, but we’re very tired. Just go to the forums and do whatever you want. Apparently, a caller asked what your favorite town is? Or something? This week has sucked, so just go talk amongst yourselves, enjoy the showand we’ll see ya next week

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In the office

Above: Tyler Wilde snapped somegorgeous pics of Sony's NGPon the GDC showfloor...

Above: As well as some goofy shots of mocap gone mad

Above: B-B-B-BONUS podcast! This incredibly geeky video about the Marvel vs Capcom power levels may as well be a deleted segment from TalkRadar

Above: This week's episode of Trailer Trash Theater features zombies and naked babies aplenty!

Above: Elston got some fists-on with the Mortal Kombat fightstick

In the community

Above: Batman5273 celebrates the annual Oscar robbery

Above: And look at that! The R-Ape drawn by Batman5273's daughter?!?!? No shit?

Above: A hyper dope image from OneEyedGoon. WORD!

Above: Not sure if we get robotmand's reference, but we love it all the same

Above: santaclouse37's tributecontains 90% horror

Above: shnazzyone understands Elston is one dandy chap

Above: Glad graboids liked the podcast intro last week

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