Tales from the Borderlands returns to digital stores next week

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Tales from the Borderlands will be available on digital stores February 17, a year and a half after it was removed from stores following the shutdown of its developer. The announcement was made during The Borderlands Show Twitch stream, then confirmed on the official Borderlands 3 Twitter account.

Telltale Games - the same studio behind The Walking Dead episodic games - shut down in 2018 after the developer laid off most of its staff, leaving only a skeleton crew to finish the last two episodes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Tales from the Borderlands was removed from digital stores in mid-2019, a serious blow to many who loved the title and for those looking to bridge the game between Borderlands 2 and Borderlands 3.

Tales from the Borderlands is set between the two games, and tells the stories of Rhys, a Hyperion businessman, and Fiona, a con artist - with a lovingly bedraggled crew of extras adding some extra spice. If you haven't played it, you're in luck, as it returns to digital storefronts on February 17. According to Gamespot, you'll be able to buy all five episodes in one package - but there will be one key change from the original release. Each episode in the initial release would end with a "choice comparison" screen that showed you how you fared against other members of the community, but that's been removed for the February 17 re-release. 

Tales from the Borderlands has some ridiculously fun action, hilarious moments, and character you'll love from the jump. While it takes place between Borderlands 2 and 3, you don't necessarily need to have played either to enjoy it, so it's great to see its return to digital storefronts. 

ICYMI: The Borderlands movie casts horror icon Jamie Lee Curtis as Dr. Tannis. 

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