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Take Care Of My Cat review

A South Korean drama about a group of women who take it in turns to look after a stray cat? It may not sound like the stuff that gripping movies are made of, but debut director Jae-eun Jeong uses this set-up to explore shifting friendships, professional aspirations and troubled home lives.

The women come from a variety of backgrounds and each is attempting to make the transition from school to adult life. The beautiful Hae-joo (Yo-won Lee) has a job at a brokerage firm; the artistic Ji-young (Ji-young Ok) dreams of studying or working abroad; and the generous-hearted Tae-hee (Doo-na Bae) keeps changing her mind about the future, while acting as peacemaker in the clique.

Just as it makes for a pleasant change to see a Korean film steer clear of the capital Seoul - - the port city of Incheon acts as the backdrop - - this is refreshingly acted by its young cast. It's also pleasingly unconcerned with the women's love lives, sidestepping the romantic predicaments to explore less well-trodden territory. A sensitive, wistful work.

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