Tapple is the TikTok viral board game that you need to add to your party collection

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So, if you’re looking for a new party game to join your roster of favorites, it’s time to tap into Tapple. Does that name sound familiar? You might have seen it on TikTok.

While TikTok has had some pretty substantial impact on trends from music to fashion, board games are one area you might not have considered part of its sphere of influence. However, some of the best board games are just as fun to watch as they are to play and Tapple’s popularity on TikTok is some very convincing evidence of that fact.

Featured in TikTok videos with up to 20 million views, this quick-fire wordy party game is great for everyone from couples, kids, and families. Now is an ideal time to add Tapple to your basket, as not only is this an awesome pick for summer parties, it's also seeing a sweet little 15% discount at Amazon. 


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How does Tapple work?

With your Tapple wheel, you’ll receive 36 double-sided cards with a total of 144 categories. Once you’ve picked a category you have 10 seconds to name something in that category and then pass it onto the next player. For every answer, the letter that the answer begins with is eliminated, gradually building the pressure as you have fewer and fewer letters to choose from. The whole gameplay loop is a healthy mix of fun and frustration as you wrack your brain for ideas under a seriously speedy time limit.

The Tapple wheel has 20 buttons rather than having one for all 26 letters of the alphabet, which is a setup that’ll save you the nightmare difficulty of having to think up words for U, V,  X, Y, Z, and Q. Given some time to think (and Google it), I’m sure you can come with a breakfast food beginning with Z but trust me, once that timer gets going, you’ll be glad to be rid of these more elusive letters. 

Tapple | $21.99 $19.99 at Amazon

Tapple | $21.99 $19.99 at Amazon

Buy it if:
You like word games
✅ You need a speedy party game that’s suitable for all ages
✅ You’d like a board game that you can play with 2 players

Don't buy it if:
You prefer pocket-sized games
❌ You’d like a board game that lasts longer than 20 minutes


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Should you buy Tapple? 

As someone with younger siblings, I’ve had plenty of family nights where Tapple would’ve totally changed the game (pun intended). With many of the best board games for adults off the table, it can be hard to find a decent title that’ll suit the tastes of children and adults alike. While grown-ups might need a healthy dose of complexity and want to embrace their competitive side, kids need something that is a whole lot more accessible. 

Tapple is the perfect answer: its premise is super simple and easy to get to grips with, but the time sensitivity adds a layer of challenge. While the default is 10 seconds, you can easily scale the difficulty down for kids under 8 by allowing them extra time (though for the sake of their tiny egos, maybe don’t tell them they’re playing on easy mode). 

Tapple is also great for couples as its simple, high-speed gameplay makes it well-suited for two players. Beware though, it can quickly devolve into a full-blown, relationship-ending argument if you disagree on the validity of an answer. For example, is “stick” a valid answer for the category of “sticky stuff’’? Enjoy that heated debate. 

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