Table Tennis movie pings into sight

%26bull;Rockstar Games Presents Table Tennis trailer (WMV, 46.2MB) - right-click to download

Friday 7 April 2006
Rockstar - ping - has released a trailer for its upcoming Xbox 360 - pong - sports sim, Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis, and you can see the - ping - brilliant ball smasher in action by - pong - steering your electronic paddle to the link above. OK, we'll - ping - stop that - pong - now.

Pretty much Table Tennis down to the double T, this first foray into next-gen territory may be uncharacteristically sanitary for the GTA publisher, but after several intensive sessions of virtual pinging we're dangerously hooked. It looks the nuts, is irresistibly simple, deceptively deep and when it comes out next month we can't wait to flex our skills over Xbox Live.

For more info, click the preview tab at the top of the page and be sure to keep your eyes on GamesRadar for a full review, which we'll be serving up soon.

Above: Continuously pelting a tiny, virtualplastic ball to and fro might sound monotonous, but Rockstar's Table Tennis is seriously absorbing

Matt Cundy
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