T-Pain says stop harassing the Apex Legends devs

Pope T-Pain of the Booty Papacy
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T-Pain, the Grammy Award-winning recording artist behind hits like Bartender, Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin'), and I'm Sprung, says you should stop harassing video game developers.

"Bro y’all have to fucking chill out," T-Pain says in a tweet. "It’s a fucking game my dude. Play something else if you hate it so much bro. Walk away from your pc/console if you’ve become so consumed by a game that you feel the need to threaten the ppl that work hard to make it. Chill bro."

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T-Pain's tweet includes an image of a statement from Apex Legends developer Respawn, in which the studio says it has "seen increased harassment towards members of our development team" and notes that "we have a zero tolerance policy for threats and harassment of our developers."

You can regularly see T-Pain showing his gaming credential on Twitch, where he regularly streams titles including Apex Legends. You might've also seen T-Pain in gaming headlines earlier this year, when he was promoting the console release of Crusader Kings 3 by announcing a new religion called "Bootyism." Pope T-Pain of the Booty Papacy described himself as "a freaking paragon of virtue," and now that he's speaking out against online harassment I'm inclined to agree.

Game developers have been taking a much more active approach in standing up against harassment in recent months. Bungie filed suit against a Destiny 2 cheater who allegedly threatened to "burn down" their office earlier this year, and has said in interviews that suing cheaters and harassers is "good business."

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