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Suspiria remake gets Darios approval



Dario Argento, the giallo filmmaker renowned for his bloody and surreal horror flicks, has finally relinquished the remake rights to one of his best known (and loved) films.

Suspiria , which he helmed way back in 1977, has been tangled up in remake rights for almost two years. But now, the Italian director finally seems happy with David Gordon Green’s proposal to update the flick. Kind of.

Green, who directed 2008’s Pineapple Express , has at last been given permission by Argento to shoot the film, which is about a coven of witches at a dance school.

Because he was so impressed with Green’s pitch? Um, quite the opposite. According to producer Marco Morabito, Argento is merely “convinced that his movie is a masterpiece and can’t be overshadowed”. Miaow.

Do we need a Suspiria remake? Of course not. We voted it the third greatest horror movie ever, and its atmosphere of dread and unease remains paramount. Still, this is Hollywood’s way...

Source: [ Bad Taste ]

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