Sure, Yakuza is a farming game now, why not

Like a Dragon: Ishin
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The Yakuza series has been a turn-based RPG, cabaret club minigame, action-packed crime drama, and now it's trying its hand at being a farming sim.

Earlier this week, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio debuted a brand new feature for Like a Dragon Ishin: farming. The remake of Yakuza Ishin now sees protagonist Ryoma put down his sword and gun for a life of calm farming, planting seeds, and watering crops for bountiful harvests.

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Apparently this feature actually has its own named, dubbed "Another Life." Not only can Kiry-sorry, Ryoma, pick up farming as a way to make a living off the land, but he'll apparently be doing it with Yakuza series mainstay Haruka, who's also apparently travelled through time to feudal Japan.

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Considering all the things the Yakuza series has tried its hand at at this point, a farming sim is hardly a surprise. Taking a proper look back on the series, we've had fishing minigames, cabaret club-hosting activities, taxi driving services to undertake, and even one strange side story in Yakuza: Like a Dragon that basically turned us into Pokemon collectors but for perverts.

It's a wild old series, that's for sure. Bearing in mind how popular Yakuza's side content tends to be, and how deep activities like the cabaret clubs ended up running, there's no doubt Like a Dragon: Ishin's new farming sim will eat up tens of hours of player's time when it launches next month on February 21.

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