Superb retro FPS Dusk is coming to consoles brandishing actual bacon soap

After a stay in Steam Early Access, retro FPS Dusk officially launched on PC last month, cementing itself as a love letter to the Doom and Quake era, and, as our sister PC Gamer said in their review, a fabulous shooter besides. Happily, despite its roots in PC classics, Dusk is now headed to consoles with some fancy new features in tow. 

In a recent Steam blog post, producer Dave Oshry of publisher New Blood Interactive reviewed Dusk's road to launch and outlined some goals for the game's future. Porting the game to console is arguably the biggest among them, though Mac and Linux ports are also in the pipe. New Blood didn't specify when the console versions will arrive, but when reached on Twitter, the publisher told me Dusk is "already running at 60fps on Switch." New Blood also said PS4 and Xbox One are indeed in their sights, but that they'll likely come after Switch.  

Console ports aside, Dusk is also due for some hefty updates in 2019. The game's to-do list includes a co-op mode, new game plus mode, and team deathmatch and capture the flag modes. There's some merch in the pipe as well, including a "Big Box" physical collector's edition. From the looks of it, this collector's edition comes with Dusk-branded, bacon-scented soap. See for yourself:

Indie retailer Indiebox is already selling Dusk desk mats, so it's a small jump to bacon soap. Note that the soap's scent may change. Here's hoping it doesn't. 

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Austin Wood

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