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Super Smash Bros. Melee review

One of the GameCube's first titles remains at the top of the list

Beyond this, there's a one player adventure that takes you through the world of Nintendo, filled with even more in-jokes and shameless nostalgia. The crazy thing is, the versus mode fighting mechanics are done so well that they easily transfer into this side scrolling, platforming design. It's like getting an entirely different game for free.

Beating these throwback levels unlocks all kinds of fanboy schwag like even more mascot fighters and fully viewable character trophies. These informative idols spill the beans on characters' first appearance, historical significance and other irrelevant tidbits. But for fans all that data makes Melee the GameCube's tent pole release. Securing all these trophies, plus hidden characters and battlegrounds, will appeal on some level to even the staunchest anti-Nintendo gamer.

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DescriptionFrom beginning to unreachable end, this is one giant tribute to Nintendo and its fans.
US censor ratingTeen
Release date3 December 2001 (US), (UK)