Super Smash Bros. Ultimate unveiling new DLC fighter at The Game Awards

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Nintendo will unveil the next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate DLC fighter to join the game during The Game Awards. 

Below, you can check out the announcement from the Nintendo of America Twitter account, which tells fans to be sure to tune in to The Game Awards at 4 p.m. PT/7 p.m. ET to catch the reveal of the brand new fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. As ever, the Smash Bros. invitation is presenting in the style of a formal letter, inviting the character to cordially join the game.

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This new fighter will be the third DLC character revealed for the current Fighter Pass 2. After Smash Bros. Ultimate's Fighter Pass was rounded out last year, Nintendo announced Fighter Pass 2, a pass containing six additional DLC characters for the fighting game.

So far, the two characters revealed for Fighter Pass 2 have been Min Min from Arms, and Steve from Minecraft. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai revealed both new characters earlier this year through special livestreams, but this time Nintendo is opting for the big stage of The Game Awards for the next fighter reveal.

If this is sounding at all familiar, that's because Nintendo originally revealed the game's second DLC fighter character through The Game Awards back in 2018. Joker of Persona 5 was revealed at the show as the first character to be joining the game's already-extensive roster of fighters, in a flashy trailer accompanied by the rest of the Phantom Thieves.

Later tonight, we can likely expect a reveal trailer for the new fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but nothing more. Traditionally, Nintendo unveils a new fighter in a trailer, and director Sakurai later delves into greater detail on the fighter's moves in a separate presentation, as well as revealing a new stage and soundtrack associated with said character.

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