Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stars literally every Smash character ever (Snake!) and adds a few surprises (RIDLEY!!)

When Nintendo teased Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch back in March, one of the biggest questions was "Is this a new game or a Deluxe version of the Wii U game?" It turns out the answer is both... kind of. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is indeed a new game with new mechanics, tweaks to existing fighters, and all-new fighters to choose from, but it is also basically Smash Bros. Greatest Hits, featuring literally every single character to ever appear in a Smash Bros. game.

That makes for a whopping 60+ characters to choose from, including the all-new Inkling, plus the return of fan favorites like Pichu, Ice Climbers, even Solid Snake. But of course, what would a new Smash Bros. be without new fighters? In the case of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, that means the previously-teased Inkling, but also motherheckin' Ridley.

Ridley, AKA the space dragon that looks like it's dangerously close to copyright infringement on the Alien franchise, has been one of the most-requested characters for years. If you felt the Earth tremble just a little while the Nintendo E3 Direct was going down, it's because of the eruption of joy from Smash fans who just saw their dream come true.

Smash Ultimate is also introducing "Echo Characters". Echo Characters are largely the same as another fighter on the roster, but with just a little tweak here or there. For example, Lucina is an Echo of Marth, and Dark Pit is an Echo of Pit. But there's another new character who fits this description too: Daisy, who will be an Echo Character based on Princess Peach.

There are too many individual character tweaks to go through, but some other highlights: Final Smash attacks have all been revamped to be faster and simpler, more in line with ultimate attacks in other fighting games. For example, the Landmaster has been retired in favor of a quick fly-by from StarFox and friends in their Arwings, Giga Bowser is no longer a controllable transformation but is instead a largely aesthetic change that allows players to unleash one ultra-powerful punch.

All stages now have Battlefield and Omega forms, which means that you won't be forced into choosing Final Destination every time you or your friend want to go all "no items, Fox only". Enjoy the simplicity of the competitive design, mixed with the visuals and audio feel of the chosen stage.

GameCube controller compatibility is back as well, as is amiibo functionality. All previous amiibo data will transfer over, so don't worry about starting over if you've got data saved up from Smash Bros. for Wii U / 3DS.

It's all coming December 7, 2018. Merry Christmas!

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Sam Prell

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