Super Mario Odyssey demake imagines the Switch game on N64

A new Mario 64 mod transforms 2017's Super Mario Odyssey into something you might've seen in the late 90s.

'Super Mario Odyssey 64' takes the sheen and crisp textures of various locales from Super Mario Odyssey and shaves them down into the familiar polygons of N64 games. It's not a complete version of the game - modder Kaze Emanuar says there are 80 moons to find - but it is playable and even includes Cappy and his full transforming abilities.

The trailer shows a number of familiar Odyssey locations, including Sand Kingdom, Moon Kingdom, and Bowser's Kingdom, as well as a perfectly-realized N64 version of Bowser's gentlemanly top hat look.

Nintendo is notoriously quick to shut down these sorts of fan-made projects, so if you're interested in playing Mario Odyssey ala 1996, you'd be wise to act quickly.

Naturally, you'll need more than an N64 and a copy of Super Mario 64 to run the mod (you actually don't need either of those things). Super Mario Odyssey 64 runs on a Mario 64 emulator, and you can get the download instructions in the description under the YouTube trailer.

Though he's been working on it for at least a number of months, Super Mario Odyssey 64 is far from Emanuar's only Mario 64 mod. A few years back, he brought a 3d version of the classic Super Mario Bros. 1-1 level to Mario 64. Later, he modded the entire Super Mario Bros. game into its N64 successor.

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Jordan Gerblick

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