Super Mario Galaxy - 15 Things you didn't know

12) Two Player
The official Nintendo site lists the game as two-player. With the seemingly linear paths around the planetoids offering a perfect makeshift racetrack, can we expect a spot of competitive space-sprint - or will we get a co-op mode, with one player controlling Mario and another helping out with the star pointer? Time will tell, friends.

13) Sky dives
The initial E3 demo began on a cloud-surrounded island, but it was remarkable how quickly the sky segues into dark space. So this cloudy Whomp-guarded realm doesn't necessarily mean Mario will be visiting locations close to the ground as previously speculated.

14) Big Mysterious Button
Marked with a small explosive star symbol, these buttons can be found snuck away on the underside of many islands. Do they activate new star gates - the most probable outcome - or could they trigger earth-shaking events, flipping planetoids over for example?

15) Giant space lips
A big pair of intergalactic smackers. But what does it mean!?!