Super Mario Galaxy - 15 Things you didn't know

So it's been a whole month since Shigeru Miyamoto's dazzling two-minute Super Mario Galaxy taster injected a near fatal dose of excitement into the GamesRadar team, but that hasn't stopped us from loading it up several times a day with the hope of gleaning every last factoid contained within. Shoving it under the microscope and dissecting it with scalpels we now present all the Mario news that's fit to print…

1) Forget what you know
Either the level shown at E3 has been radically reworked or the floating planetoids will move during reruns of levels - just as levels were modified in Mario 64 and Sunshine. This run of blue stars from the E3 trailer is taken from the flipside castle, but in the GDC trailer it's from a saltshaker.

2) Cannonball run
Catapulting Mario around with star shooters may be more interactive than we first thought. In one section Mario tucks his legs in to cannonball through a magma stalagmite - is this a new player-controlled move or simple animation quirk? Similarly, leaping into the blasters will need to be timed, so that Mario doesn't travel face-first through magma squirts/space debris.