Super Mario Galaxy - 15 Things you didn't know

7) Mini Mario?
Elephantine acorns, broad beans, hulking salt shakers - if you stop and think about it, maybe it's not that they're all giant, but that Mario is tiny. And notice the food theme - is one level set in a big space lunchbox? We hope so.

8) No amazing bird creature
We spent hours fretting over mysterious feathers cropping up in the apple section of the game, picturing an almighty bird boss. They turned out to be the petals of the twirly transport flowers simply unable to dissipate in the windless voids of space. How disappointing.

9) Bowled over
How do you incorporate water into space? Why, in an intergalactic fishbowl of course. The translucent edging could easily be glass, and the fact that clouds can be seen passing outside would put this as a floating object in a bigger aerial environment. And then there's the roman column in the distance - clearly straight out of a novelty aquarium store.

10) Plant life
Running across the dusty space rock inhabited by a peeved Petey Piranha sees vegetation sprouting from the cracked earth. Either Mario has exceptionally green fingers or there's a weapon/boss distraction under there waiting to be plucked and chucked. How very Super Mario Bros 2.