Super Mario 3D World Green Star and Stamp locations guide

World 8-6: A Beam in the Dark

Stamp: Tripping Mario

While riding the first moving platform, you can spot this Luigi switch. Have Luigi step on it to spawn a stamp.

Star #1

Drop from the first moving platform and backtrack a bit. You'll see the star in the mirror; move toward the camera to grab it.

Star #2

When your ride the second moving platform down the hallway of Bowser statues, leap to this mystery box on the right to enter a secret area. Inside, you have ten seconds to defeat several Boos with your Beam Box. Do it to receive a star.

Star #3

The final star is at the end of the final hallway, guarded by a Giant Boo. If you still have a Beam Box, you can take him out and grab it easily. Otherwise, you can always lure him away, then dash in and grab the star when it's safe.

World 8-7: Grumblump Inferno

Star #1

The moving blocks in this course are very challenging to navigate; we'll tell you that upfront. After the first drop, you'll pass a pillar with a star on it. Leap to the pillar to acquire it.

Stamp: Skipsqueak

You'll want a Tanooki Suit for this. After the checkpoint, you'll ride a block down a lava ramp. At the end is pillar supporting a Hammer Bros. and a stamp. Leap onto your foe's head to safely grab the collectible.

Star #2

After the second lava ramp, you'll spot a hollow green star along some platforms. Hit it to spawn eight green coins. Grab them before time runs out, and you'll earn another star.

Star #3

This is found during the final stretch of the level. The block here will move length- and width-wise. When it's at its tallest, you can grab the star from above.

World 8-A: Motley Bossblob's Encore

Star #1

Motley Bossblob is back, and this time he causes shockwaves when he jumps. Keep this in mind, and take him down the same way as before to earn a star.

World 8-B: Hisstocrat Returns

Star #1

Hisstocrat has also come back for more, and this time, it's a lady boss. The other difference this time is a bunch of fireballs: she can spit them, and they rain down when she emerges from the ground. But just like the other boss, fight her the same way as before. You'll receive a star when she goes down.

World 8-Special: Mystery House Claw Climb

Star #1

This course is a series of timed climbing challenges using the Cat Suit. In the first room, immediately hit the question mark blocks to spawn some Super Bells. Grab them, then use your Cat Suit powers to scramble up the wall to the first star.

Star #2

In the second room, quickly run through the narrow tunnel, then scramble to the upper floor where the star awaits.

Star #3

You'll have to climb beep blocks to the third room's star. Time your jump right to make it up in time.

Star #4

Room four is pretty straightforward. Dash across the bridge, then scramble up the wall to the star.

Star #5

Room five is identical to room one, except this time, you have to climb to the very top. Move quickly to grab your prize in time.

Star #6

Room six is identical room two, but with some added purple blocks. Scratch through these, then scramble up to the upper floor to claim your prize.

Star #7

Room seven brings back the beep blocks. Thing is, the star is too high to scramble to in one go. You have to scramble up a beep block, get your energy back, then scramble up to the star within ten seconds.

Star #8

Room eight is identical to room four, except the star has moved over the lava pit. You'll have to jump to the wall by the gap and scramble up to grab it.

Star #9

Room nine is tough; it's like rooms six and two, but now filled with blocks. Scratch your way through, hitting the POW Block as fast as possible. With the blocks cleared, claim your star.

Star #10

The final room is very straightforward, but still challenging. As you climb the stack of blocks, they will fall one by one. Move quickly to reach the last star on top.

World 8-Castle: The Great Tower of Bowser Land

Star #1

While running across the rooftops in the fireball rain, look for a small rooftop below the left turn. The star is down there; there's also an invisible block to help you get back up.

Star #2

You'll soon reach a ferris wheel with several Bullies. Defeat them all to spawn a star.

Star #3

As you ascend the tower while being hounded by Cat Suit Bowser, you'll spot a hollow green star. Hit it to spawn eight green coins along the cloud platforms. Grab them before time runs out to receive a star.

Stamp: Meowser

This sits atop a tree at the very end of the level.